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Elevate Mood Vibes!

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are having a great week! I wanted to share some exciting articles about the gorgeous spice, TURMERIC!! This GOLD, earthy colored spice has been showing great results in helping with DEPRESSION!! This is an amazing SPICE!

My Chinese Medicine Doctor, LeTa suggested for me to use Turmeric in my everyday diet to help with my Cervical health—so beneficial!

Root vegetables, ”whole food” vitamin C, methyl folate, and earthy plants help heal this “ROOT“ Chakra—which now, makes total sense for the connections and even colors that are associated with that particular Chakra. After using her special herb blend, in addition to the above —I was able to reduce the amount cells that were of concern.

In addition to that, my Psychotherapy Therapist shared an article about how Turmeric has similar results for uplifting your mood as PROZAC!

Check out these two Articles!

How I use it?!

I typically put a teaspoon or more into my protein smoothies, Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea, Fizz sticks in the morning too!*

You can cook with it too!

Curries, sauces, soups, marinades!

*I use vegan products from Arbonne If you want to purchase let me know I’ll send you info to get discount.


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