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Our Story Begins!!

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

The Hugo Project is officially set for Saturday, June 1 2019 - Santa Cruz, CA. This public art installation / interactive walk will be featuring the works of several artists whose curated images by LUX & JASPER (@lux.jasper @the_lotus_raven) will express the effects of relationships that have NPD* Abusive Partners.

The Hugo Project's goals are to bring knowledge to empower victims and survivors and generate funds to donate to the Walnut Avenue Women's Center of Santa Cruz!

*Narcissistic Personality Disorder is categorized in the Psychology community as a behavior disorder comparable to sociopath and psychopath. These individuals have no empathy, an addiction for admiration due to their false personas that need constant inflating. These individuals are excellent mood/persona actors, charmers, guilt trippers who can be extremely verbally abusive behind closed doors, suffer from substance(s) abuse, manipulative, demanding and use power and control techniques on their partners.

First Art Poster of The Hugo Project "LoRa" aka The Lotus Raven

Meaning of "LoRa"

Featured Art Poster of The Hugo Project, The Lotus & The Raven / "LoRa" was inspired by The Hamsa Hand, a symbol in many cultures seen as a respected form of protection against the evil eye.* The Hamsa Hand is historically close to the feminine with regards to healing and protection.

I wanted to curate my own version of this inspiring symbol with a specific set of images that were meaningful to me. My intention was to be able to visualize and meditate on this new version as I was beginning to heal, and replace the negative within my mind.

I chose the following as my “totems” for the descriptions below...

The Lotus Flower is a renowned and sacred symbol for Hindus and Buddhists. The magnitude of how this impressive flower grows is what struck a chord within me.

Growing in murky depths of darkness, to then rise up to the surface, opening eight beautiful petals that repel the very substance from which it was suffocated under with such grace.**

The Raven is admired in Native American cultures as a creature of metamorphosis, and symbolizes change/transformation. The Raven as a spirit animal guide comes cawing loudly into your life, it marks a moment to pause and give serious consideration to the messages coming your way. It is also said the Raven is also an excellent teacher, guide, and partner for magical studies and efforts.***

*The Evil Eye is said to be a curse, or ill will caused by an malevolent glare that is given to an unaware individual.

**More information can be found on googling Padma and learning about how the Lotus flower grows.

***More information can be found on - I encourage you to check out if you would also like to generate your own special Hamsa Hand Totems!


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