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Take Off n’ Launch!

This is the beginning of a super fabulous post! Ha! My first time ever being filmed and recorded online happened last night! Yikes!

You can cringe at all the times I say “Umm” it’s okay, I’ll allow It! I m planting seeds and rainbows every time I say it soooo there!

Anyways!!! Yes! Please, watch the video and stay connected, ask me about this business, and more importantly give yourself the opportunity to feel stunning and radiant!

I am on Day One of the 30 Days Healthy Living Challenge with Arbonne products and I m shocked at today's results!

I started my day with the Digestive Aid and Protein Chocolate Shake + Detox Tea + Pom Fizz Energy Stix + Lemon Body Cleanse. Allllllll of them tasted amazing! I doctored up the Body Cleanse with my favorite trio—Cayenne + Cinnamon + Turmeric really kept me so grounded and comfy all day!

Feeling good inside and out is one of the sure ways to allow yourself to heal in more ways than one!

CHECK OUT THE LINK to the ZOOM VIDEO of my DEBUT --- Thank you!!!


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