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The COUNTDOWN Begins!! Less than ONE Month to GO!!!

I’ve been would funding and curating, designing this project called, HUGO for about a year and I am over the moon elated we are almost at the debut!!

I have some amazing Graphic Artists and Illustrations / Editors and Fabricating Engineers on the project and couldn’t be more Grateful!

NOW more than ever I do need financial support and sponsors to really help push this to its fullest Potential! Please, share and send and repost to anyone that would benefit from learning about this project and the message.

The money goes to the following:

1. Artists, permits, installation, production and materials for fabrication for all the tangible and interactive art pieces (traveling installation).

2. Printing and Digital Copies Of Coloring Content Books for ALL ages to take away online and in person and local / world wide. Learning how to empower, discern, protect themselves with NPD Individuals.

3. Fundraising to give back to the Walnut Avenue Family & Women’s Center Santa Cruz, CA who does SO much to help people in crisis and provided advocacy during my court proceedings with my partner who has NPD.

4. Giving 10 people the opportunity to have their first 3 sessions of Psychotherapy covered to help kick start their healing journey!!


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