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We Did It!

Updated: Mar 12

060119 HUGO: Narcissistic Personality Disorder / An Interactive Art Maze debut--downtown Santa Cruz, CA was actually on National NPD Abuse Awareness Day!! This was my first public art installation-exhibit fundraising event in my Event Design career! PHEW! Wowie wowie folks---what a ride indeed! I spent about a year planning, curating, designing, and reaching out to vendors who I thought would be able to help me bring this vision to life. This was also the first time I have ever been a paying client in my life -- so many things, so many teachable moments and a lot of loss.

This was a very special and sacred project that was essentially the essence of expressing the deep trauma I faced/endured through my abuse / survival from a NPD partner. I wanted to share it with the world with hopes it would help others not take the same paths as I did to keep them safe, and not waste precious time/money as they go through life surrounded by these detrimental personality types.

While I had many wonderful notes with the event itself, 250+ attendees, content was right on the mark with survivors, and the people/viewers it did reach were grateful (I am treasuring these truths as gems of hope that this project is on the right track).

--- I feel a great sense of loss as nearly all of my vendors bailed or dropped the ball in a way that even though I planned, and prepared so hard for it didn't matter. I was still at the mercy of people controlling the outcome of this project--How could this be? Countless Events I do time and time again with amazing vendors that I hand select for my clients that are monumentally superb in every way! SO! How could I have missed the mark for myself? I am still confused and upset about it all and feeling like I missed the boat...I am sure I am being hard on myself but it is tough to process considering I thought I was doing all the right things to knock it out of the park...

I am embracing "failure" and am continuing the message and project goal of creating a content book for online, and in print for people to feel a genuine hand extended towards them on their journey to create the reality they truly deserve.


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